Stay Safe brings racing platform to the next level.  Avoid wicked obstacles in 80 hardcore yet short tracks. Die tens of thousands of times, crushed by giant blocks, cut in half by spinning blades, compressed by robots ... Discover three mysterious worlds at the rythm of the soundtrack made by Colorswap studios.


When a lost nuclear engineer met the greatest player of tony hawk pro skater 3, they decided to give everything up to create the last video game studio there would be. In the most remote part of Uruguay they started to build up their plan. In a cave in Paris, in a tent in Cologne, they learned about indie game dev the hard way. They tried to overthrow the french government during the summer of 2016 with a game called 49.3. And then they teamed up with an evil architect and a horse artist to build Stay Safe, their greatest project yet.


  • Super fine controls - Boost, dash and fly to avoid death
  • Killing machines - More than 20 different types of traps (with some smart ones)
  • Leaderboards & stats - challenge your friends and your enemies
  • Speedrun mode - Obviously
  • Death counter - To remind you the millions of time you exploded
  • Dark portals - Super freaky difficult hidden dark portals
  • Inspiring quotes - To appease your mind
  • A sense of fulfillment - Like none you had before



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Atomic Raccoon Credits

Edouard Philippe
Fastest coding Prime Minister of France

Paul Daragnès
Speed level design streamer

Elisa Peron
Time attack artist

Antoine Deron
Frenzy architect